External funding: CBI raids on Kejriwal's lawyer Indira Jaisingh

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has raided the house of two famous lawyers, Indira Jaisingh and Anand Grover, on Thursday morning. The raids took place in the ongoing case regarding foreign funding on their foundation 'Loyers Collective'. CBI had filed a case in this case. After which he is being searched at his residence in Delhi and Mumbai today.
Senior lawyer Indira Jaisingh (file photo)
The Lawyer Collective is accused of breaking the Foreign Fund Regulation Act (FCRA). After which the Union Home Ministry canceled its license. The case was registered in the case of Anand Grover and the Loyers Collective in the case of the CBI in the face of this disturbance.
When Anand Grover was contacted during the raid, he refused to talk about any kind.However, in the meantime, he said that whatever allegations made by the CBI are wrong.
On the raids, Indira Jaysingh has given the statement that he and Anand Grover are being targeted. We are on target because of the human rights we are working for.
The political reaction has also started to come on this raid. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has condemned the raid. He tweeted that the law should allow its work, but those who are spending their lives in saving the law should not be disturbed in this way.
On behalf of the Home Ministry, there were allegations that some funds were being collected from abroad, which was used to advocate HIV / AIDS bills in the media. The name of Foundation's Loyers Collective came out behind this. 
Apart from this, it was also revealed that the NGO had organized a Free-Trade Agreements rally. In which the sponsored arrests were made outside the law ministry. Which is a violation of the FCRA law.

Tell you that Indira Jaysingh and Anand Grover are senior lawyers of the country. He has also advocated in the Supreme Court. Indira Jaisingh was posted as Additional Solicitor General during the UPA government's tenure from 2009 to 2014. Meanwhile, he was accused of taking advantage of the post, he violated the law.
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