Will come today on a number of issues, including the US delegation, the tariff dispute

A delegation of senior officials from the United States is reaching India on Thursday. The delegation will interact with the business to resolve the disputed issues and strengthen the relations between the two countries. This includes a comprehensive trade package, a tariff reduction, and an acceptable solution for both countries.
India-US tariff issue will be resolved
U.S. Assistant Trade Representative (USTR) Chris Wilson and USTR Deputy Assistant Brenaden Lynch will arrive in Delhi for two-day talks on Thursday. After the G-20 meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump, it was agreed between the two governments that ministerial talks should be taken to remove the stalemate. This visit of the American delegation will form the basis of ministerial dialogue.
According to Business Standard, senior officials of the central government believe that it can take time to resolve the tariff issue between the two countries, but India can come to the negotiating table for a comprehensive trade package with the US. Under this package, business concessions can be found in items related to information technology, aviation and oil purchases etc.
This package will take one year to complete, but it will help reduce the tariff on many types of imports, which will increase market access to Indian products. The Ministry of Commerce has done six bilateral talks with the US Trade Representative Office and its Ministry of Commerce six times.
After repeated warnings of US President Donald Trump against India's alleged protectionism, India slowed the dialogue on this package. But recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey insisted on this. It is believed that India has agreed to reduce the prices of coronary stunts and reduce tax on certain technology products such as Mobile, Smart Watch. On the other hand, America has agreed on the cheapest oil and many concessions of Texas. America's trade deficit with India was $ 21.3 billion in 2018 compared to $ 22.3 billion in 2017.
Significantly, American companies are looking for a good business opportunity in India. He believes that both the countries will benefit from economic openness and investment growth. In a factsheet issued by the US State Department, "Trump Administration is working to ensure that American companies working in India get equal opportunity as well as Indian companies are getting in the US . '  
The US State Department says that America is one of the largest foreign markets for India and about 20 percent of India's total exports comes in the US.
In 2018, the bilateral trade of US goods and services with India was $ 142 billion, which is 12.6% more than the year before. In India, export of US crude oil is increasing, with India increasing its energy security and its bilateral trade deficit is decreasing.
In the year 2018, the US exported 50 million barrels of crude oil to India, while in the year 2017, the export was only 1 million barrels. This year, this export can increase. Similarly, in the year 2019, India sold US defense equipment worth $ 18 billion, which was almost zero at the year 2008.
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