Farmers sign a sit-in outside Parliament

LAHORE: The Farmers Board of Pakistan has termed tax evasion a hostile move and said that on the one hand, millions of farmers across the country are being trampled like soccer amid taxation and electricity bills on the other. The stools are ringing and the rulers are playing the flute of China. The number of subsidy given by the government for subsidy is also becoming a joke. Every call on our call is deducted at ten rupees, but something called subsidy. Not available. If our demands are not immediately recognized, we will sit outside Parliament. Expressing these views during a special meeting with Pakistan, Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed, President of Pakistan Farmers Board,

کسانوں نے پارلیمنٹ کے باہر دھرنے کا عندیہ دیدیا

other officials Mian Farooq Ahmed Senior Vice President, Shaukat Ali Chadhar Secretary General, Maher Safdar Saleem Nawal President, Central Punjab, Rai Muhammad Asif General Secretary Central Punjab, Rai Sajjad Ahmed Central Finance Secretary, Mian Rashid Ahmed Sadar Lahore Division, Sardar Saifullah Sindhu General Secretary, Mian Muhammad Elias Information Secretary Y, Mazhar Iqbal Sadar Kisan Board Okara, Mohammad Rafiq Butt In-Charge In doing so,

they tightened the current government's policy on agriculture Targeted in cash, he said that since this government came, the purchase of agricultural interventions has gone far beyond the common farmer and the government has no mechanism to provide adequate compensation to the farmer's produce which has led to The prices of agricultural commodities have fallen and the farmer's power farming and buying power are diminishing.

 If this situation is maintained then the farmers will say goodbye to the farming and 70% of the country's raw material coming from the agricultural sector is destroyed. At present, illegal taxis are being plotted to destroy the agricultural sector. Ginning factories and oil factories have 10 to 18 percent GDP. The imposition of ST has had a direct impact on the cotton burst and the price of the burst has suddenly dropped from 4800 to 3200 in the market. Similarly, the sugar mill mafia has been suppressing billions of farmers for the last two years but the government machinery farmers. The so-called subsidy that was promoted on the farm has also become a staple of paper and practitioners are not getting any subsidy. Over-billing has taken place and WAPDA employees are engaged in plundering the farmers in many illegal ways: Lahore Border strip farmers'

 water The electricity has been shut off for several days and when the local leadership of the Farmers Board highlights the problems of the farmers and turns the attention of the sleeping civil servants to their original work, the bullying elements have their own way. To set up a bully, but the leadership of the Youth Reserve Farmers Board is determined to solve the problems of the farmers, despite all these problems, the only demand of the farmers is that we provide food for the whole country. Let us be given the right to live and restore the relief we received after the great struggle in the previous regime. While the President Farmers Board has demanded that the Government Advisory Committees be reinstated immediately, the increase in power price on the tube well should be withdrawn and the old cost of the unit restored. Provide free loans to the farmers to be restored, otherwise the farmers will turn to the houses for their rights.
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