Sindh's budget of Rs 12 trillion 18 billion, 15% increase in salaries and pensions

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk, NNI) Sindh: A budget of 12 trillion 18 billion has been proposed for the next financial year 2019-20. In the new financial year, the Board of Revenue has set a target of receipt of 145 billion, while Rs 835 billion will be received from the federal revenue, which is 74 percent of the total budget. The budget allocated Rs 283.5 billion in development funds.

سندھ کا 12کھرب 18ارب روپے کا بجٹ پیش ، تنخواہوں اور پنشن میں 15فیصد اضافہ

Development funds include District ADP's 228 billion. Sindh government has decided to raise the salaries of public servants by 15% in the budget. 110 billion has been allocated for peace and security. Police will have 3690 soldiers and 4500 officers. One billion has been earmarked for the investigation of HIV and blood diseases. Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah on Friday presented a zero deficit budget of 1217 billion for the next financial year, 2019, in which he received 15 percent salary and pension across the board. What is the increase The budget includes the People's Primes program, which was announced by the Chairman People's Party during its election campaign to eradicate poverty.

In the next financial budget, budgetary allocation has been given first priority to education, health and then law and order. Chief Minister Sindh said that the federal government has approved Rs. , But such claims are misleading. He added that the federal government failed to assess its financial status and mistakenly notified two different Federal Transformers statistics in two days' matters. He said that in the last 11 months, Sindh received only Rs 492.135 billion in federal transfers and it is expected to reach Rs 117.527 billion by the end of the fiscal year. The Chief Minister presented the provincial budget in the Sindh Assembly. Sindh said that it seems that the federal government has decided something else, with its inability and inability to function, the federal government has deliberately put the welfare of the people of Pakistan at risk. On the contrary, the PPP has devoted all its energy to serving the people.

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He said the current federal government seems incompetent in its work. She is constantly working to achieve her tax collection goals. With a record record of Rs 447 billion in 11 months, FBR performance has been at its lowest level over the past year, resulting in Sindh being deprived of its share and due to non-participation of the federal government, we have 117.5 billion. Is facing a shortage of Rs.

Chief Minister Sindh said that in this fiscal year the federal government has completely ignored Sindh in its Annual Development Program (ADP). Only 50 schemes have been put in place for Sindh. We are getting 3.5% of ADP. And open enmity with its people cannot be denied. On the contrary, the government is not only collecting revenue but also surpassing the revenue collection targets. Unlike federal government agencies and those in other provinces, the SRB is the only revenue-generating organization that is working steadily. The tax collection from the federal government was only Rs 16.6 billion during 11-2010 but the Sindh government gradually increased the tax receipts and during the year 18-2017, we received 100 billion rupees while the next fiscal year 20-2019. Therefore, we have set a target of tax collection of Rs 145.0 billion.

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Chief Minister Sindh said that the federal government has pointed out that the budgetary estimates of the federal constituents have been revised to Rs 665.085 billion and to Rs 631.543 billion, but all claims are misleading. The federal government has failed to assess its financial status and within a few days mistakenly notified provinces with two different revised revision statistics. He added that in the last 11 months, Sindh received only Rs 492.135 billion in federal transfers. The shortfall in federal transfers is expected to be Rs 117,527 billion at the end of this financial year. The federal government is blaming the Federal Board of Revenue for poor performance on increasing revenue, but it is clear that the federal government is responsible for improving the structure. I would like to clarify that the Sindh government offered the federal government to collect the goods sales tax because we believe that dividing the goods tax sales provinces could lead to the highest increase in the cost of services such as sales tax. Has been done on the matter. He said that the federal government had no real intention of creating a consensus opinion on the financial award. The announcement of the award is delayed at the expense of the rights of the owners.

Murad Ali Shah said that the provincial revenue targets have been revised from Rs 243.082 billion to Rs 240.746 billion, resulting in revised receipts of Rs 940.777 billion this fiscal as compared to Rs 1.123 trillion. Have been He said that due to the reduction in receipts, we have deducted our development expenditure which has been up to Rs 172.941 billion in the current financial year. This has proved to be a major obstacle to achieving our goals. Most of the projects that could be combined, delayed due to your absence.
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